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Why gravity?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 | Printer Friendly Printer Friendly

The big advantage of a gravity guided hot wire tool is in its operational simplicity. You do not need a computer and the associated required software. Even in a production environment a gravity guided system can have its advantages.

A simple cut through a block of foam can be as easy as extending the block of foam over the edge of a table, hanging a bow onto the foam with the hot wire on top where you want to cut and turning on the power supply - wow - a perfect vertical cut. That’s cool!

More intricate cuts require templates which can easily be cut from “vertical grade” (thin) Formica with tin snips and finishing with a sanded smooth edge.

Or you can get real clever as illustrated by the Feather/Cut gravity powered wing machine. The principal illustrated here is an arm powered by a one pound weight that swings down pulling 2 cords attached to a hot wire bow. The pulling cords carry the power to the hot wire and are attached to the swing arm in a position such that one cord travels faster than the other for a perfect cut of a tapered wing - pretty clever!

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