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Cut an 8' High Column. 12

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 | Printer Friendly Printer Friendly

Cut a 8 foot tapered architectural column, with a 12d top and 16d bottom. This exercise assumes you start with an 8' tapered rectilinear cube of foam, one end 12" x 12" the other 16" x 16" positioned left to right between the left and right x/y towers. You have also used FoamWorks to drive the hot wire into position along its length touching the foam at a 3:00 position looking at the left 12" x 12" end.

Download and install 2 programs at

#1 CadWorks 3.0, #2 FoamWorks 3.0 (30 day trial)

Restart computer
Open CadWorks

1 - File>New (starts a new drawing)

Draw a circle of any diameter (select circle icon in left menu)

2 - CNC Tools>Prep Drawing

3 - CNC Tools>Generate DAT File from Sequential Drawing

4 - File>Save>DAT File (save as circle.dat)

Open FoamWorks

1 - Foam Cutter>Generate Cut File (bottom left of window)

Locate and load circle.dat for both Left and Right Cutting Towers.

Set Left Horizontal Size to 12 (inches), Set Right Horizontal Size to 16 (inches)

2 - Generate Cut File (press generate button, top left of window)

3 - Save Cut File (Circle.ct1)

4 - Done (top right hand corner)

5 - Foam Cutter>Start Cut, Cutting Speed Adjustment (Move slider all the way to the right)
6 - Begin Cut (upper left hand corner)

Watch as the line segments turn red indication cutting progress.

*ALSO* Go to for more tutorials!

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