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Fold/Bow - Foam Cutting Bows
Fold/Bow - Foam Cutting Bows 
FOLD/BOWS™ are offered in 3 sizes of hot wire lengths - 28”, 40” and 52” with a throat depth of 10”.  The nominal cutting lengths are 24", 36" and 48" respectively when allowing for clearance at each end of the material being cut. Each Fold/Bows is crafted of blue anodized extruded aluminum  and is designed to fold up after use for easy storage.  Heavy duty spring rods hold tension on the hot wire and are mounted in over size Delrin insulator bushings.  Spring rods feature   Red/Head™ screw retainers for the hot wire to facilitate easy wire replacement.

To use with Feather/Cut you need to purchase the "Feather/Cut Hardware Kit" available as an additional option below.

To use the Bow alone:  You need the Interconnect Wire Set and a Power Supply. The Interconnect Wire Set connects the Power supply to the Bow.

SKU 28
Weight 5.00 lbs
Price: $69.95

Feather/Cut Hardware Kit

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