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Creates a new standard in the ease and accuracy of cutting foam wings and stabilizers.

Whether you're sheeting white foam or vacuum bagging blue foam, your end product will only be as accurate as the core you start with.

Special instructions on "Cutting your first Wing", "Making Templates" and more are supplied.

A gravity-driven adjustable-ratio mechanism guarantees a constant uniform airfoil for both straight or tapered wings and stabilizers giving you the precision demanded by many kit manufacturers. True wire tracking is the proprietary art that places Feather/Cut ahead of the rest. Micro adjustable weights in concert with the three point tracking system insures incredible results time and time again, completely hands off.

Feather/Cut comes complete with a 40" Fold/Bow, Red/Heads and an Thermal/Generator Interconnect Wire Set. 52 FOLD/BOW is available as an additional accessory.

All you need is the Thermal/Generator Power Supply and laminate material and you are ready to cut foam wings. Feather/Cut mounts to your workbench with screws or to your kitchen table with masking tape - your significant other will love that!

Don't forget your Power Supply!

Table shown is not supplied, assembly required.

Weight 9.00 lbs
Price: $209.95


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